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Anyone here write or do poems?

Posted 1 Month ago by Rika

Have any of you written any poems before? I never got into it, but was into just writing whatever. I enjoyed journaling, but don't have any saved cause cringe.

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I occasionally write prose poems when I am having very dark/intrusive thoughts.

1 Month ago

I used to journal. It has been nine years or more, though.

Teachers and professors have told me I don’t understand poetry; because I liked George MacBeth’s(?) narrative poem “Bedtime Story” * better than I liked whatever their favorite poem was. Or, at least, that was the impression they gave me.


I like poetry but have no ambition to write any.

I really would like to write some belles lettres kind of literature; preferably short fiction, and maybe? one day a novel?
But I can’t start because I think everything I do is bad.

I have written letters and essays and other non-fiction which various acquaintances of mine, taking on the mantle of “critic”, have told me are pretty good. And I accepted that their opinions were as reliable as any other I heard.

Maybe I can write some of that! But I don’t think I’ll be able to do like Montaigne and write an essay a day.

1 Month ago

I never had any interest but I've always wanted to write a 60s, 70s style pop rock song.

1 Month ago
3 Weeks ago

Hey guys, I deleted some spammy posts here. I am not sure if I accidently deleted yours!

3 Weeks ago

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