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Safe space for LGTBTQ and Allies, and any discussions of kinks, sexual experiences, and musings. Absolutely no shaming allowed! Shaming results in an automatic 24hr ban.

Queer people and "allies" in an increasingly dangerous world

Posted 3 Weeks ago by Asheroth

It is becoming more and more clear that a significant amount of people are trying to create a future in which we will no longer be afforded the luxury of treating the concept of queer "allies" metaphorically. And, to some extent, they are succeeding.

While visibility and presence is important and it does do something, the ability to put a rainbow overlay on your Facebook profile picture and then act like you are making a significant difference is being eroded by the increasingly extreme systematic and grassroots oppression that exists on the other side of the scales. The people in power to not care if a billion people wear rainbow clothes every day, and the average person is becoming more aware of that, regardless of if they choose to acknowledge it.

If all you do for the right for queer people to exist is put a flag in your Twitter bio, buy a pair of rainbow socks from a megacorp, tell a queer person you tolerate them, etc., then I am not willing to call you an ally. The people that I call my allies are the people who are ready to go smash cop cars with me. They are the people that I know would curbstomp someone for fucking with me. They are the people that work towards fundamental systemic change with the goal of a more equitable system for all, despite the violence of the state apparatus being levied against them. They are the people that are ready to put themselves in harm's way.

With the increasing numbers of hate crimes, the increasing instances of prominent figures calling our society a modern Weimar, the increasing volume of queerbashing laws being passed, the increasing incitement of lethal violence directly against queer people, the increasing reinforcement of state-sanctioned murder of queer people, it is quickly becoming a time when "allies" have to make a very clear choice.

Happy Pride Month.

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