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Rating for Summerslam 2022

Posted 1 Week ago by prphd

With Bianca vs Becky: 2/10
Only with Bianca vs Becky: 11/10
Without Bianca vs Becky: 0/10

I felt it was the only NJPW-ish match with a great post match.

All the other matches were forgetable.

It was the size of a Mania crowd.

I didn't care for Brock's tractor. I'd rather someone had cashed in MITB after, albeit I guess they can't since Reigns is protected by the Usos.

A lot of filler matches.

A lot of celebrity tie ins.

Liv vs Ronda was short, but actually pretty good storyline wise.

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I keep misreading this as “summer Islam”.

6 Days ago

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