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The point of no return! Welcome to Pointless aka General. Other stuff that doesn't have a forum can be posted here.

The Official Nipahchan Mobile App Thread

Posted 2 Weeks ago by Rika

Hello guys,

The mobile app has been approved on Play Store. I have the APK file you can download below.

Play Store:
Feel free to leave any comments, feedback, suggestions, etc. It so far seems fine to me.

There are 4 Replies

What does "Nipahchan" mean?

Google said something about a Nipah virus in pigs and other farm animal that spreads to humans and no known cure.

On topic: I got rid of my so-called "smart phone" years ago and don't put apps on my cheap flip phone..
But to each their own.

2 Weeks ago

What does "Nipahchan" mean?

2 Weeks ago

The app is finally under review at the play store.

1 Week ago
1 Week ago

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