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What did you like about being a kid?

Posted 2 Weeks ago by Rika

Just the fact most of us as kids had zero care in the world. We were only expected to go to school, do homework, do chores, etc. Not having to work, worry about paying bills, and 'adulting'.

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Just the fact most of us as kids had zero care in the world.

Wow, I wonder what that was like.

I liked reading books and playing video games. The house I lived in was filled with thousands of books.

2 Weeks ago

I mostly just played video games, watched cartoons, and read books.

2 Weeks ago

This is a good question for me, and I can’t think of a good answer tonight. I’ll come back to it next time I log on.
There was a lot about being a kid I hated.

Right now I have two regrets, that are only possibly relevant or tangentially so.
1. I seem to have always solved my problems immediately after the opportunity to usefully apply the solutions had evaporated.
2. I always underestimated my health and strength and looks and attractiveness etc. I was always realizing, in retrospect, that a few years previously, I had been much more athletic or fit or whatever than I thought I was.

I do have some very pleasant memories from childhood and youth. But they’re about specific times a/o places etc., not about childhood or youth in general. Or at least that’s true of the ones I can think of now.

1 Day ago

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