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Safe space for LGTBTQ and Allies, and any discussions of kinks, sexual experiences, and musings. Absolutely no shaming allowed! Shaming results in an automatic 24hr ban.

Woman keeps bragging about sleeping with different men

Posted 1 Week ago by Carl Stevens

A woman I met keeps bragging about sleeping with different men. She is 18 and she keeps saying bad things about the men too and says bad things about the women she knows too.

She wanted to go back to my house for sex with me the first time meeting at her at the clubs. I told her she wasn't allowed to come back to my house on the first meeting though. I kissed her but I didn't have sex with her.

She said she has had unprotected sex with lots of different men and has many friends with benefits too.

Should I block all contact with this person?

There are 2 Replies

I think it's more about her saying bad stuff about people than her sexual activity.
I'd think about not talking to her again yes.

1 Week ago

Don’t put any part of your body in any part of her body;
Nor vice-versa.

1 Week ago

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